Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Friday

Ugh... I just didn't want to see the Happy Thanksgiving post anymore at the top of the page. I really have nothing exciting at all to share. My final project for painting went relatively well. It was more of a mixed media project using paint, wax and newspaper, but I had a good time, so I suppose that's all the matters.

Perhaps not the most exciting project I've ever completed, but as I said, it amused me, and that's all that matters.

I have an art history final on Monday afternoon (and should be studying this very moment), and I'm a little bit spastic about this one because I missed one of the days of lecture and had to get notes from someone else. I never know if I missed something horribly important or not, so I'm just hoping that none of those are asked (who am I kidding though - the entire exam will likely be composed of that days' lecture. {sigh}

I'm also working on the final project for drawing. It's going fairly well, though I don't want to jinx myself on that one. Today we had our final quiz and I got 102% - hey, I'll take those extra 2% as I may need it if this last project doesn't go well.

Bike riding has been non-existent this week, which makes me extremely sad. It's been so icy though - I'm not even sure I could get out of the neighborhood without killing myself on all of the slippery roads. I have a new bike seat coming for Phoebe, which I am super excited about trying out, and the panniers for Stuart will arrive sometime next week as well. I'll have to take some new pictures when everything gets adjusted again. Definitely though, I am missing the warmer winters from just a couple of years ago. Hopefully, it doesn't snow all winter long.

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