Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, it's so nice not to be around the extended family today! I know that sounds horrible, but it's actually been quite enjoyable and relaxing. We woke up, took the dogs to the dog park so they could get some energy out. Then, we rode into town to look for stores that could be open. Shockingly, there really wasn't much open. I always think so many things will be open, but it was kind of nice to see that things weren't crazy. We stopped and had lunch at an open IHOP. I felt bad for the people working because I was remembering my Denny's days and how I always got suckered into working the major holidays. Then we came home and realized that Chablis is really limping... guess we wore her out at the park.

As for the rest of "turkey" day, well, we're not having any sort of food extravaganza, but we will have pumpkin pie. I guess that counts.

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