Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sludgy Ride

We FINALLY got to take the bikes out today for a ride. We thought that all of the snowy, icy mess was gone, but we learned otherwise pretty quickly. Overall though, it wasn't a bad ride, and it was nice to be able to ride Phoebe and test out the new Brooks saddle.

Other than it being up my crotch the entire 20+ mile ride, it wasn't too bad. The up side is that my tail bone didn't hurt (which is usually what happens after that length of a ride), but the not so fun part is that now my hip bones seem to hurt. We did fix the saddle so it wasn't pointed upward once we arrived back home, so that should help the other issue. I know I need to give it some break in time, so we'll see how it comes along. Hopefully, it will work out well. Phoebe just looks so pretty though with her newly mounted front basket and the pretty new saddle.

Overall, it was a good ride. Sam got filthy (perhaps mud flaps are in his future - or some other sort of city bike with mud flaps already in place?). A nice stripe of brown was running from his head to his rear from all of the crap we rode through. Still it was good... other than the head wind all the way out.

He doesn't look too tired at the end of the ride here, so I think he'll make it another day. Now, it's time to get warm and stop coughing as the wind really didn't help the cough at all.


  1. Poor saddle. It's not its fault, I suppose. Maybe I can try again?


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