Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bicycles and Recovery

We went for a ride today into town, and I was completely unaware (until we were a couple of miles into the trip) of the fact that I am still not over this stupid swine flu. I feel okay, but my lungs are just disgustingly phlegmy and I found myself far more out of it than I had expected. My lungs were burning (which I hadn't expected), and I felt that everything was such an effort. The up side of the trip (of course, other than getting to ride), was that the city opened a new portion of the trail on the Greenbelt. They even have signs posted where the trail will one day go through, so it gave us hope that we won't always live in the boondocks with no suitable place to ride. If I was smart, I would've taken pictures, but I was just wanting to get home in one piece. Maybe next time. It's not horribly attractive right now as everything has died off anyway, but it was so much nicer than having to hear cars racing by us at 75+ mph. I think perhaps some shorter rides are in the near future to get myself feeling whole again.

Now, I look forward to cuddling up to keep warm with a dog or two and just enjoying the rest of the day.

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