Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grocery Store Bag Fee

So, it looks like Seattle is poised and ready to initiate a $0.20 tax on plastic or paper bags that are handed out at grocery, drug and convenience stores. Apparently, the industry is (naturally) putting all their efforts into not making this happen, but the reality is, it's the only way people will change. Really, it should be more than $0.20/ea. In order for people to change, you have to hit 'em where it hurts, and the reality is, that no one is even going to notice an extra $2-3 attached to their grocery bill. If you really want people to start reusing bags, make it hurt. Why not a $5/bag charge? I know I certainly wouldn't forget my reusable bags if I knew it was going to tack on an extra $25-50 to my bill. Would you? I seriously doubt it. If you're interested in reading about the actual Seattle campaign which will be wrapping up very soon, you can visit the site here. I'm fascinated to see what takes place with this, as it was so successful in Ireland when it began in 2002. Let's see if people really do have a voice, or if big oil (who is of course funding the whole mess to keep plastic bags around) wins out yet again. And hey, if you happen to need some reusable bags, why not try looking here?

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