Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Bike

So, I'm busy working on my school projects yesterday upstairs, and Sam decides that he's going to start cleaning things out and says he needs to go find a dumpster to put all the garbage in. When he returns, he tells me that something seems wrong with my car and he wants me to come down and take a look. When I go out into the garage, I don't see my car, but instead a brand new bicycle!

What a great birthday/anniversary gift... one that I probably don't deserve, but I am still so excited! I can't believe that he bought me the cruiser bike I had been talking about. Well, I also can't believe that he even found one at all because they're definitely not easy to find - anywhere - and to get THE cutest one - well, that was just icing. I'm so excited about the bike. Today we went to get a basket to put on the front and now I'm obsessing about getting a rear rack for the bike. I just wish we lived a bit closer to things so that I could ride it all the time. But, I still think I'll get the opportunity to ride. We tried to go for coffee this morning, but the day is non-cooperative with the thunderstorms looming and all. Oh well. I'm sure I'll find plenty of reasons to ride, AND, now I won't have sore wrists every time we get on a bicycle. I'm just so excited to have this bike. YIPPEE!!!!


  1. Best bike ever, in my opinion...


  2. It IS the best bike ever. :o) I can't wait to get my rear rack... then, Stuart will be complete.


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