Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Online Marketplace to Buy/Sell Vintage Bicycles

Vintage bicycle lovers... there's a new place to buy and sell vintage bicycles, parts and accessories. The website functions in much the same way as Craigslist or eBay, but caters specifically to those who are looking for, or are wanting to sell vintage bicycles or parts. A Great Vintage is an online marketplace that's just getting started, but if you have interest in or are wanting to sell a vintage ride, you should pop over and check it out. The listings at this point are minimal because word is just getting out about the website, but I think this could potentially be a great place to find items in the future.
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Here's what Tom, the owner, has to say:

Hi folks -

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a “A Great Vintage,” a brand new vintage bicycle online marketplace.

A Great Vintage offers an alternative to eBay and CraigsList and caters specifically to us - the vintage bicycle enthusiast and collector.

For those wishing to sell your vintage bicycles, parts, and clothing, you’ll find this site a refreshing change. There’s only a nominal charge of $0.50 per credit, and these credits are used for your 7-day postings (ads) and renewals. That’s all there is to it! We take no back-end transactional fees, and there’s never any hidden fees or charges.

In the near future, we will implement a “bulk credit” purchase option, wherein you can purchase several credits at once with a discount. Stay tuned for news on this and all other important site information by clicking on the “AGV News” link at the top of any page.

 Buyers can browse freely - think CraigsList, but with all of your favorite vintage bicycle categories already organized for you, so your searches are more efficient and more fun! For instance, instead of one category for “Bikes” we have over a dozen, including Vintage Lightweights, KOF, Track, Touring, and more.

 We leave all the pricing, transactions, and shipping up to you. Interested buyers contact you through an anonymous email, sent by our system (just like CraigsList).

Finally folks, I’m going to ask for your help. If you like what you see on this site, please spread the word. Since I’m the owner of the site, I can’t “spam” forums with links, so I ask that you help people hear about this site in whatever manner you can. Remember, the more people that know about the site, the faster your items will sell and the easier it will be to find the perfect item you’re looking for.

It’s through the kindness and generous spirit of the vintage bicycle community that I’ve found such good friends in the past decade, and I look at this site as a way to thank all of you for the friendships, great rides, and wisdom I’ve found over these years.

This is OUR site, and I’m always listening for ways to improve. Please use the “Contact Us” link along the top each page to let me know your thoughts on how to improve A Great Vintage. I’m looking to make this something we all use and enjoy.

This site is NEW, so you may find the categories eerily empty in the beginning. Don’t let that scare you. You’re joining at the brink of a site that I hope will see thousands of visitors per day.

Okay - It’s time to start having some fun. Head on over to A Great Vintage, register, and start selling and buying.  

Please report all site bugs using the “Contact” page.

One final, important note. After placing an ad, save the ad confirmation email from A Great Vintage because this has the Listing Edit Key (same as the Ad Access Key) that you will need to edit and renew your ad.

 Thanks again!


I appreciate that there is even an opportunity to sell "KOF" (Keepers of the Flame) bicycles, so even if it's a newer bike that has traditional or more classic style, it can be listed here as well. If you have interest in vintage bicycles and parts, stop over and have a look. 

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