Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finding Motivation Outside of Weight Loss

In a few days, I will have been on this new journey for two months. Initially, I lost a solid chunk of weight... and then, it slowed down dramatically. This isn't new for me as any time I have tried to lose weight, I lose it incredibly slowly (despite having plenty to lose). I have never quite understood it, but I've just come to accept that this is the way my body works. It should be a good lesson to never allow it back on my body because, despite what many want to believe, I can literally gain several pounds over night. Because it is so easy to focus on the number on the scale, I have attempted to find other things that provide motivation. It hasn't been easy.
Over the last 5 weeks, I've also started a kickboxing class as was discussed here earlier. I am sore constantly because I push myself to go beyond what I currently believe are my limits, but this action, I believe, is helping change this extremely large body into something new. I have muscles in places I never thought I had muscle. I'm getting stronger, and for once in my life I am actually enjoying it. 
Last night I had an opening to work and ran into a cohort who asked, "Have you lost weight?" I couldn't help but smile because while I haven't lost what I should have over the last month, it was nice that someone else noticed my hard work paying off - even if it isn't on the scale.
I have to remind myself that the number on the scale isn't everything. I started this because I wanted to feel better, be stronger, and know that I am living a healthier life for good - not for a temporary fix. While it's easy to say that I just want to be healthy for health's sake, it's difficult to put in so much work (both food and movement -wise) and not see the number drop the way it should. There are plenty of ways to find motivation - from being able to do something I couldn't do before, to simple comments from others, and I just need to remember that I am progressing, even if it isn't at lightening speeds.

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