Monday, April 9, 2012

No April Showers to Clean My Dirty Bikes

Much like life currently, my bikes are an absolute disaster. When I whined a bit the other day to Sam that my Hillborne just isn't shifting properly, he commented that it is absolutely filthy and that all of the grime and lack of grease on the chain is likely causing the issues. Really? I have to clean this thing? Okay, really I do understand that everything requires a good scrub every now and again, but I've just allowed time to pass by without realizing it's been more than a year since I've taken the time to clean him. Poor Tony!
This photo does not do justice to the level of dirt currently on the Hillborne
The Pacer isn't much better, and honestly, I'm scared to pull him out of the bike storage. We've had some lovely days, so there's no reason I can't ride him again, but I know the tires are completely deflated, he is also quite dirty as I didn't clean him before I put him away after our last ride in December, and I wonder what sort of work awaits me in regard to getting him back in shape.

Even though the bikes are dirty and in need of some tuning, I am thoroughly enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures and being able to ride pretty much daily at this point. I'm trying not to get too used to it though as Colorado is known for teasing its citizens with lovely spring days and then turning and dumping a good bit of snow on us, so while I enjoy the nice weather, I am remaining cautious about what is still to come this month - after all, it is the cruelest month. Anyone else in need of bicycle maintenance or cleaning? It seems to just sneak up on me and then - bam - hits me over the head.


  1. Oh, yeah. Lily the Ariel desperately needs her chain and cassette cleaned. I keep taking the road bike or cruiser out instead of cleaning up my commuter. :)

    Maybe I'll scrub her down while half listening to a conference call tomorrow night. ;)

  2. Clean now! However, I will use the power washer next time, despite warnings against it.


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