Friday, March 9, 2012

Day One

Everyone who begins a weight loss journey seems to have a dramatic story or something that pushed them over the edge to get going with losing the excess fat. I suppose I'm no different. You see, yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of my husband's and my meeting. Ten years. That's a pretty big marker. In that ten years, I have gained about 40-45 pounds. It's difficult to admit that, but I think it's part of the process of recognizing that as much as I like to say that I don't mind being overweight, I really do.

Normally, I am a fairly healthy person in terms of not getting sick, and really even my blood work always comes back with a green light. I don't remember the last time I was out with some kind of illness, but in late December I started getting flu like symptoms and figured I was due for some kind of bed rest. When it still hadn't gone away in early March, I knew it was time to go to the doctor for antibiotics. I don't normally look at the scale when I visit the doctor because I don't want to think about the number I'm seeing. It's always more than it should be and I am quite used to having doctors tell me that I need to lose. On this particular occasion, I made the mistake of looking. {sigh} It was... unfortunate.

This visit to the doctor happened to overlap the 10 year anniversary, and I think the realization of knowing how much I'd gained not only since my husband and I had met, but also just since the beginning of the year spurred me to action. What happens if I do nothing and just keep gaining? How long will it be before I won't even be able to do the things I enjoy? I couldn't imagine not being able to walk the dogs or ride my bike, or any number of other things. What if I died tragically somewhere? Would they even be able to pick me up to throw me in a grave or into the incinerator? A morbid thought, I am aware, but it did cross my mind.

Today is day one. Despite all the attempts in the past and subsequent failures, I have to start fresh and know that it is possible to conquer this mighty mountain. I have lost in the past, and I will lose again. I am starting by recording food intake on an online calorie counting website. It's a start. I haven't been to the gym since, hmm, probably November-ish, so I know I need to figure out what to do to get myself motivated in that arena again as well. I think just starting out with walking is the best course of action. Since clothes are the only thing that seem to motivate me, I have made a pact with myself that I will not get out of gym clothes for any purpose until I lose 10 pounds. It's a lofty goal, but if I work hard, it shouldn't take long.

And away I go...

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