Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Ride on a Wednesday

Today, I was pretty much testing out the bike/camera equipment to see how things would play out. I couldn't stand being cooped up in the house any longer, so I went for a fairly short ride... nothing horribly exciting to report from the ride, but I did want to see how shaky the pics would be.
Ready to go for a ride!
Just getting started on the trip... so far, so good.
Taking the bike lane... so glad it's here to use.
Not thrilled that the city plows snow from the main part of the street, but not the bike lanes, so even two weeks after the big snow, the bike traffic must navigate around it. Fortunately, this is a residential area, so the traffic isn't too bad.
These people had more than a haul! I was impressed with the amount of stuff they were pulling down the street.
Back in the bike lane - and it's clear!
More folks out walking... love the purple on the skirt.
Car pulling out in front of me (she honestly didn't even look), but at least it wasn't too close a call.
Another car that shot out in front of me, just a block apart, actually.
A fellow cyclist passing - he smiled and said hello.
More un-plowed snow making for slick ice in the bike lane.
More people out walking and enjoying the beautiful day.
Another car pulling out in front of me (I never realized how often this happens).
Didn't get far in front of me though, as s/he hit the red light (which, by the way, was green when I got to it). :O)
And, the rest of the ride was green lights and smooth riding. The point & shoot didn't do too bad... next time, the DSLR! Hope your Wednesday was full of good bike times!


  1. Cool! The pictures look crisp and clear, like you were standing still. I picked up a camera mount for my handlebars last year that I still haven't taken for a spin yet. Hopefully soon...

  2. Wow!! The pictures look great and I love the vantage point. It feels like we're riding along on the handlebars with ya. Well...I guess we are...but you know what I mean. :o)

  3. Melanie - it must just be what happens with the handlebar mounts... buy them, and then not install them. :O) It was more of a pain to put them on than I thought it would be, but that could be due to my complete lack of coordination.

    Joey - Thanks! I can picture you now... on my handlebars. :O) Oh... maybe that would be a bad idea. I see potential disaster in that fun.

  4. Nice camera mount shots indeed! I enjoyed each photo and caption.


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