Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You, Happy New Year, and Giveaway #12 Winner

First, I want to make the announcement for the #12 giveaway. Since there was only one entry, there's no need for the "random" selection process. LuckyChow99 is the winner! Please email me at endlessvelolove {at} gmail {dot} com with mailing info and I'll get the business card holder out to you. Congratulations!

Today, I also want to send out huge thank you's to everyone who has linked to, and/or promoted the holiday giveaway this month. You've helped make it such a good time. Of course, where would the giveaways be without the participants, so I want to thank all of you as well. This process has been a complete joy for me (and I hope for others as well). We even had a participant who opted to spread the winning gift among others who would enjoy it, which was truly wonderful (and appreciated by the recipients of the gifts). I've received photos and thank you's, and have appreciated it all. I would also like to specifically thank Velouria of Lovely Bicycle! for promoting this blog when it absolutely isn't a requirement but is very much appreciated, and Dottie and Trisha of Let's Go Ride a Bike for pumping up the holiday giveaways on Twitter. Again, thank you to everyone who has helped encourage the giveaways in many forms.

I also hope that the season of giving has encouraged others to give locally to those in need (both human and animal). Without wanting to sound too Sally Struthers, while many of us have all that we need and want, there are so many others who can't even afford to put food on their tables, and animals who have been neglected or abused and are without homes. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to share a bit of love during this holiday, both in this space and locally for those in need.

There will be one more giveaway starting here before the end of December, so I hope that everyone interested will join in for the last contest of 2011. I'm looking forward to getting back to a somewhat normal routine (whatever that might be), but I have enjoyed this season of giving tremendously. Wishing everyone the very warmest of seasons. May the giving spirit stay with you throughout the coming year. Happy New Year and best wishes for a very prosperous and healthy 2012!

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