Saturday, December 3, 2011

Giveaway #1 Winner is...

Congratulations to Melanie Suzanne - the random winner of the first contest/giveaway this holiday season. She will receive her choice of either a year subscription to Momentum Magazine or Urban Velo.
Melanie Suzanne, please e-mail me at endlessvelolove {at} gmail {dot} com with your choice of magazine and the name and address the subscription should be sent to. Again, congratulations to Melanie Suzanne, and very happy holidays to all. Keep watching for more random giveaways throughout the month! There's another one starting very soon.


  1. Bravo Melanie Suzanne ! (Tell us which magazine you choose ?

  2. Yaaaaay! =)

    Thanks, Giles. I picked "Momentum Magazine".


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