Thursday, December 15, 2011

Double Announcement: Giveaway #5 and #7 Winners...

There were two contests that ended last night, so this morning I have the honor of making two winner announcements. Rather than separating them, I'll list them both here. Giveaway #5 was actually tucked away inside the "Holiday Food Spoilage" post, and the winner of that giveaway is Lauren!
Congratulations! Lauren has a choice of the bicycle ring or bicycle themed hair pins that are pictured here. Whichever item is left will of course be put back into the giveaway pool of items.

The winner of giveaway #7 is Maggie. The giveaway item for this round was the bicycle/art note cards.
Congratulations to Maggie on the win! To both Lauren and Maggie, please email me at endlessvelolove {at} gmail {dot} com and provide complete mailing info, and in the case of Lauren, your selection of item.

Thank you again to everyone who is playing along. For anyone just joining the fun or who has missed them, there are currently a few giveaways open, and there will be more to come as well. You can find giveaway #2 here (this one ends Dec. 19th), giveaway #6 here (this one ends Dec. 17th), and giveaway #8 here (which will be ending Dec. 19th). Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Thanks to both Maggie and Lauren for your responses. Both giveaway items are on their way, and just so other participants are aware, Lauren selected the bicycle hair pins, so the bike ring is going back in the pool of items!


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