Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Does the Color of Your Bike Matter?

My unofficial, official poll today asks the question, does the color of your bike matter?  I have known individuals who would never, ever purchase a bike if it was the wrong color (meaning one they didn't prefer, as I don't know that there can actually be a "wrong" color), and others who could care less. For those individuals, the bike could be nearly rusted away, but as long as it functioned, the color carries no weight in a decision for purchasing.
The Pacer didn't come in the color I wanted, but a paint job in the future is always a possibility.
Our household is slightly divided, but I think both of us fall somewhere in between the two extremes. While I would never buy a bicycle based solely on color, I have to admit that the aesthetics of a bike, including its color, definitely play a large role in whether or not I'll plunk down the dough. Somehow though, I never seem to actually get the color of bike I want on the bike I need (or want, depending how you view it). There are just certain colors that I find more appealing than others, and it's difficult for me to let go of it once it's in my head.
Sam's Bianchi Brava, rusting out - Love the Bianchi Celeste color though!
So, I'm curious about others. Is your bike the color you wanted, or did you take what you found because you liked the bike? Does color even matter to you? Did color or some other (relatively) easy to change item detour you from a certain bike? Feel free to discuss and/or take the poll.


  1. I have to admit, having my sensible black Dutch bike has really changed how I look at bicycles. I don't like the colours that most women's bikes are available in. But what is also important is the graphics used on the bike.

    I recently bought a used road bike and I'm almost ashamed to admit that one of my original reasons against buying the bike was because I didn't like the colour or the graphics on the bike.

  2. Cecily,
    I love black bikes. They make the most sense to me because they go with everything. It is sensible, but sometimes sensible is a good way to go (Sam, if you're reading this, no one has inhabited your wife's body, I swear!).

    You bring up another great point: branding (and all the stickers). I find this to be a sore spot on occasion. I think in part because I don't like it when the manufacturer gets carried away with putting their name all over the bike. I don't know if it would keep me from buying a bike I wanted, but I know that I would definitely hesitate and probably think about it for a bit. Even though I know that bikes can be repainted, it's still an expense.

    BTW, I'm glad you got your road bike! Can't wait to read more about it as you find your comfort zone. :o)

  3. My Guvnor is black and my Moultons are both steely grey (dark grey). The Focus racer I had was matt black.
    When I bought the Moulton Esprit, I had a choice from Ferrari red or the grey.
    A colour I would dearly love is British Racing Green but I'll probably never have one.

  4. Robert, I would have gone for the grey over Ferrari red as well. Of course, I have a personal rule of 'no red bikes,' because every one I've had got flat tires every time I rode it. :o)


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