Friday, September 23, 2011

New Home for the J7

I swore up and down, promised myself enumerable times, and flat out said, "hell no," to selling any more bicycles online to long-distance buyers. After the disaster with Sam's Surly LHT, and a similar situation with the departure of the Pashley Poppy for me in early summer (which still isn't resolved, actually), I repeatedly proclaimed that no longer would UPS, FedEx or any other carrier have the opportunity to break, ding, or damage any other perfectly good bicycle.

And then, I gave in. {sigh}
I had the Public Bikes J7 up on Craigslist for about a month with absolutely no contact (other than spammers, of course) regarding the bike. I am a realist (sometimes), and understand that northern Colorado isn't exactly a mecca of city bike riders, and I knew going into it that it would require a special person, but I just didn't want to deal with shipping yet another bike and waiting for what would inevitably be some sort of damage to the bike in shipment. However, I recently discussed how the particular model of Public bike I chose just wasn't working for me as I'd hoped, and while I do want a city bike, and still think Public makes some really awesome and easy to ride bikes, this particular one just wasn't working for me at this juncture in my bike life cycle. As I've said before, if you aren't going to ride it, there's no point in keeping it sitting in the garage or locked to a bike rack (or, as in our case, in a bike shed).

I am pleased to report that the Public Bike purchaser received the ride relatively unscathed (sans a missing leg for the front basket that slipped through a hole that formed during shipment), and the new owner is now happily riding the J7 in Arizona. Her bicycle was recently stolen, and it made me quite happy to hear that she was excited about her "new" bike and loving the ride. It just goes to show that just because a bike doesn't work for one person, doesn't mean that it isn't a perfect fit for someone else. Happy riding! Hope it's a beautiful weekend wherever you are in the world.

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