Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Day of Freedom

It sounds so ominous and final, but my "last day of freedom" simply means that school resumes again for me tomorrow. My days will be long (10-14 hours of class time), and I am aware that it will no doubt have an affect on how much I will be able to spend writing, taking photos, and the like here. On the up side of things, it may be my next to last semester of classes, which is quite exciting. I am also well aware that I already have a case of "senior-itis" forming. I don't want summer to come to an end, I have no desire to buckle down and focus on things that need my attention - particularly when we're still having 85-95 F degree days, and I have found myself already starting a mental countdown calendar to the end.
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Today, I have a list of chores to complete. Everything from getting cash at the bank to pay for parking this week (I can't ride, unfortunately, because it would take me 3.5 hours each way to bike there, plus I'd have no way to carry my quite large canvas supports, paints, etc), to getting all the laundry done, to making sure there are healthy, non-refrigerated foods I can take with me, since I'll have only 15 minute breaks in between classes and no place to store perishable foods.

I also have on my list to "take one last long bike ride." It seems silly, but I know that I won't be able to spend 2-3 hours just going on a long ride likely for several months. So, as I feel summer closing up on me, it seems appropriate to make a ride part of the to-do list. I will, of course, still go on rides, but the freedom to up and go at any point in the day has very nearly come to an end. Bike rides will be shorter and more purpose-filled, certainly. Though returning to a schedule has its down side(s), I am looking forward to resuming a more structured art routine (as I've definitely let that slip over these past few months), and getting back to creating something, or at least working on a project daily will no doubt be beneficial. I'm also intrigued to see where this last 8 months of classes will take me. I suppose that this is truly the beauty of the future - we just can't know today where the path is taking us. Wishing you a path always filled with goodness, and of course, fun bike rides.

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