Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Venus de Miles Approaching Quickly

This weekend, Sunday specifically, is the Venus de Miles ride. After riding last time, I feel more confident this year in my ability and level of comfort on the Hillborne, so I think it will be an even better ride. Considering that I actually had the opportunity to do some training (unlike last year), and the bike has been properly set up for me (unlike last year), I think that it should be enjoyable all the way around. If we can just get the weather gods to cooperate and not have a mid to high 90s F day, all will be right with the world.
The ride options include a 33, 51, 67, or 100 mile journey. While I intended to do the 51 mile ride this year, things sometimes get revised, so it looks like I'll be doing the 33 mile again. The good news is that I'm very short on time right now, so it will be completed much quicker. The 51 mile ride has some traversing in the mountains, so not only is it longer, but much hillier than the 33 mile ride. The 33-miler has its own hills to deal with, but not nearly as strenuous as the longer three rides.

I'm looking forward to reporting back on how the adventure goes at the end of the weekend. Anyone else riding in the Venus de Miles on Sunday? Regardless of whether you intend to participate in this ride, you're riding short distances through town, or traveling a century or more this weekend, I hope it's a great time outside. Here's to no flat tires! :o)

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