Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Sometimes, I think it's easier for me to gloss over annual celebrations. It's not really for lack of wanting to celebrate, but I think it's been fairly typical in my life to not make such a big deal out of things like birthday's, anniversaries, and the like. I've tried, at least somewhat, to change that as I've aged. Today, eight years ago, Sam and I were married in Estes Park with just a few close friends and family surrounding us. Although we have few photos that are of any quality to commemorate the day, the lack of good photos actually makes the memory even more special in some ways. I can't help but laugh about having a "professional" photographer who was unable to get even one quality photo (Life lesson: don't use family for important days, unless you know their work well). So, the photos we do have are from guests using throw-away cameras we'd set around the area.
Sure, we were younger, but I think we actually look better now... Yeah, definitely! :o)
When we were choosing our wedding day, Sam wanted to get married on my birthday (which is tomorrow) because I don't have particularly fond memories of that day growing up. I thought it was incredibly sweet, but because of the way the days fell, it didn't make sense to get married on the 1st because most of our guests were traveling to be with us. Instead, we get a couple of days to celebrate (any excuse for cake and presents), and I am reminded every year that my partner in life knows me so well - well enough even at that point in our relationship to try to change a date that I never looked forward to into a date that I will always remember.
This is actually a photo of both of us (I know... it's a stretch, but we're both there!), and I just like this impromptu photo.
So, while I am so very bad at keeping track of the number of years we've been together, I am grateful every passing year (day, week and month, too) to have a true partner in life. Happy anniversary, my dear! I hope we have many, many more anniversaries to celebrate together.


  1. It's been a great 8 years, with many more ahead. I love you, and i'm grateful for every moment we have.

    Man, I'm looking old...

  2. You don't look old! I love that picture. :o)

  3. Aww, Happy Anniversary (you guys are SUCH a cute couple!! :o) Also, Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Hope you make some amazing memories tomorrow, to replace some of the icky ones from years past.

  4. Thanks, Joey! Much work to get done tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be a good day, regardless. Poor Sam is actually sick, so I just want him to get better so we can ride. :o)

  5. Happy Anniversary you two!!! Happy birthday tomorrow!

  6. Happy anniversary. :)


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