Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rhythm on the River - Do You Have Your Duck Race Tickets?

Okay, so we live in a fairly small city (around 85,000 people), and perhaps the little things in life are more exciting than they should be if there were more variety in the types of activities taking place. Rhythm on the River takes place this weekend (Friday evening, and all day Saturday), and all I have been able to talk about for the last week is getting my "duck tickets" for the duck race down the St. Vrain River. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands, or maybe it really is that exciting to me, but regardless, today was the day to venture out to get these tickets.
On my way to get Duck Race tickets... woo hoo!
There are several sponsors or ways to donate to the duck race (which helps to benefit local charities), and the corporate sponsored ducks (see images below) are simply adorable. The rest of us are able to help out by purchasing non-decorated ducks that will race down the St. Vrain after the corporate duck races on Saturday afternoon. Divine Divas is the closest spot for me to get the tickets, so off I went on my bicycle to obtain said tickets. When I arrived, the shop was closed. I looked perplexed as it was about 10 minutes to 11:00am and couldn't figure out why the doors were locked. Then I noticed their sign...
I swear I can read... really! So, instead of worrying about a few minutes, I decided that I would take a little ride down the block and get a little breakfast/thirst quencher since temperatures were already in the 80s.
Mmm... Ziggi's Strawberry Smoothie
After happening upon a local artist who was working on her public art piece and chatting with her for a few minutes about her project, it was about time to finally get those duck race tickets. The corporate ducks in the window at Divine Divas were too cute!
Captain Duck Sparrow of Re/Max Alliance and the Longmont Tutoring Club duck
The ducks were everywhere... and apparently my bike wanted to make a
ghostly appearance in the photo as well
I locked the bike up outside and headed in to purchase the long-awaited duck race tickets... finally, I can stop talking about the need to get these.
The purchase went smoothly (I'm pleased to report), but there is a lot of competition in the duck races this year. Should be interesting to see who comes out on top. As I started back for home, I spotted another cyclist about town. I couldn't quite catch up to her to get a better shot, but it's always fun to see others out on a bike.
As for me? I'm one happy camper because I got to be out on a bicycle in the morning sunshine, and I obtained my duck race tickets!

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