Monday, July 25, 2011

Heat + Mosquitoes = Why I Love Winter Riding

I'm a bit cranky today (if the title of this post isn't a dead giveaway). I feel as though I'm being consumed daily by the many, many mosquitoes that are enjoying my "sweet meat" (or I guess, technically, my blood). The constant bites (and subsequent, unyielding itching and then scratching), combined with the extreme heat of the last couple of weeks is making outdoor fun of any sort almost unbearable. Despite Sam's advice that movement on the bicycle will keep the blood-sucking pests away, I've actually discovered that this is untrue, and that mosquitoes are actually drawn to movement and heat. While I knew this to be the case (since I was bit multiple times on a short ride last week), it's nice to have the corroboration of experts. This does not help, however, with alleviating the problem.
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Some may ask, "Why aren't you wearing mosquito repellent?" The answer is that on most days, I am wearing an organic spray, that actually works quite well (while DEET is supposed to be safe to use, I personally take issue with putting poisons on my skin to be absorbed into the blood stream). The bigger problem has been quick trips outside during which I don't bother to put it on, and somehow the little buggers find me, or the days when it's just a "quick ride" and I fail to put the spray on (admittedly, these are my fault - but it doesn't take away my annoyance with being bitten). Last night I was bit in my sleep multiple times as well (do I have to sleep in mosquito repellent now?), so I know they're somehow even finding a way into the house. The theories as to why mosquitoes bite one person over another seem to be never-ending (with no actual proof to support a single hypothesis as of yet). I've read that it has to do with natural odors that certain people emit, that drinking alcohol brings on more bites, that emitting more carbon dioxide brings the little biters on, and endless other possible reasons.

While I don't have an answer for myself (or the others who are suffering along with me), and I can't seem to make them disappear with sheer will, I am still out riding and trying my best to enjoy the longer days of summer. If you're suffering as well, what do you do to help keep the bites at bay? Home remedies? Over the counter solutions? Something else?


  1. Those little bastards are horrible. After our late night conversation about them, i don't see why they exist? Is there some ecological need for them? One bit me on the top of the head last night, apparently seeking my brain juice, joke is on her!

  2. They seem to be biting in strange places, which has really thrown me off. I have them on the tops of my feet, the side of my pinky finger, and my chin, which is just bizarre!


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