Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Never Ending Bicycle Ad

For the last several months (I wish I could recall how many), I've been watching a Peugeot mixte on the local Craigslist. I believe Sam actually discovered it first, and I, of course, had to go and take a look. I want to say it's been since at least October that we've watched the ad get re-posted every few days. Now, it's become some weird fascination, and an almost obsession to see if the bike sells. 
*Image from
This is not an example of the bicycle on Craigslist
I believe this individual has several things working against him/her. Having sold several older bikes (and newer ones) ourselves on E-bay, Craigslist, and other places, I sometimes wonder if people know the true value of what they have (meaning sometimes it is under valued, but at times they are far over valued), and how to list it. The individual who lists this Peugeot doesn't really provide enough information for anyone looking for a bike to make an educated decision about it. There is no information that provides the year (or even approximate year) the bike was manufactured. This can be important for some people. The ad also doesn't say whether or not the lighting system is functional, nor does it provide one of the most important components one would be looking for when purchasing a bicycle: the size of the frame (or any kind of measurement for that matter). In addition to the lack of information provided, the pictures are extremely fuzzy, making it difficult to see if the bike has rust or what sort of physical shape it's in. 

Perhaps the most perplexing portion of the posters' ad to me is that s/he started the bicycle at $250. Several weeks later, the price dropped to $200. I thought that the individual must have realized the bike just wasn't going to sell for that price (really, from what I can tell, it's probably a $100-150 bicycle maximum, at least on Craigslist), and was wise enough to begin dropping the price to get it sold. However, a few weeks later, the price went back up to $250. It wasn't selling at a lower cost, so let's increase the price? Huh? The posted price has remained with the $250 price tag since that time. My personal opinion is that the time of year, combined with the price tag has kept potential buyers from contacting the seller.  The saddest part to me is that this bike may very well have greater value than it appears, but it's impossible (without being a Peugeot expert) to make any distinctions from the information provided and the pictures listed.

I've started to wonder, does the person not want to sell the bike? I've created my own back story to the whole deal. I've made up a tale in which one party in the family states that the bike needs to go, but the other doesn't want to let it go, so s/he puts a high enough price tag on it to keep it in the garage, while the one unwilling to part with the bike continues to enjoy it. Not likely, I am aware, but I can't help but wonder what the story is behind this seemingly never-ending bicycle ad.

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