Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Unintentional Bicycle Shots

Today I was out in town taking photos for a painting project that I really must get moving on. I was on a mission to get some good action shots of people moving about in their daily lives, in whatever capacity that might be. People are really good at "missing" my camera though. It usually ends up that they are moving to quickly, I cannot get the camera focused quickly enough, they move quickly out my way because they think they are in the way, rather than being a part of the shot, or some combination of the items listed. As I was going through some of the photos at home, hoping to find some "winning" photos to use, I realized that I also captured some unintended photos of bicycles about town.
Man on the bike trail
The picture above was the only intentional photo of a bicycle that I took, and it was merely coincidental as I was trying to get a shot of this man's face. Unfortunately, he was just too far from where I stood and once he realized I was taking photos, he did his best to avoid my lens.
Another bike around town
I was actually attempting to catch a young man who was walking buy, and since he completely evaded my camera, I instead got the bicycle parked against the tree in the background.
Couple walking past bicycle
These two were just adorable. Neither of them really looked up the entire time, as though attempting to hide from my camera, but I also got a shot of the bicycle behind them in the shot, and was happy that so many were out riding on this gorgeous fall day.
Two bikes paired up
The shot for this was much, much larger, and the bikes were really more background information, but yet again, managed to get a couple of bicycles in the shot.
Mountain bike parked outside the Pumphouse
This mountain bicycle above was again part of the background of an attempt to catch someone walking through a parking lot. I didn't get the guy until the next shot, but I did get a picture of the bicycle in the background.
Cars waiting to move on 3rd and Coffman, Longmont
In a city which normally has scenes quite similar to the car packed shot above, it was great to accidentally get so many photos of bicycles being utilized for seemingly every day purposes. I may have to start over with my people shots, as it's been awhile since I've attempted to get people in motion, but the payoff with these pictures was entirely worth it.

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