Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There Was a Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

I have been on a bit of a shoe binge the last few weeks, and I don't seem to be able to stop myself. It seems to happen about this time of year, and only this time of year. I find myself wanting new shoes and boots. Perhaps it's the colder weather, or perhaps it's just that I actually have a bit of free time and it is just how I choose to spend it, but I definitely have shoes on the brain. They haven't even just been for me, as I've also been attempting to find the right shoes to replace Sam's old Clark's as well. I found these Type Z shoes pictured below, but sadly, they ran quite large length-wise, and just didn't work out.
Type Z Paste, photo from
He wound up with some Rockport shoes and a pair of Bass shoes instead, but I think they will be comfortable, just not quite as stylish as the Type Z's above. Bummer.

As for me, I have searched high and low for a couple different styles to round out the shoe collection (and, just so no one thinks I'm stock piling shoes, I do either donate, give away to friends, or sell very inexpensively shoes that aren't being used - it's kind of a deal Sam and I worked out so that if I get a new pair, I get rid of a pair I already have). I had a couple of ideas in mind. First, I was on a hunt for some boots that aren't furry to wear in winter months. Basically, something that won't slide on ice, and that don't kill my feet. I wound up looking at a few different models, but the ones that seem to work best for comfort purposes were a pair of Aerosoles. I also looked at a pair of Naya shoe/boots, and while they aren't at all practical, I fell in love.
Naya Artemis, Photo courtesy of
I ended up returning them because practicality won out. Without a zipper, these weren't the easiest to get on my feet, so I had to concede. I must say though, they are entirely gorgeous.

While I don't want to bore anyone with the details of my shoe shopping and attempts to find a perfect shoe, I did want to say that I found this article that was supposed to contain ideas for "comfortable and stylish" heels.
Steve Madden Shoes, photo from
I don't know about anyone else, but there is nothing about this shoe that screams "comfortable" to me by any stretch of the imagination. It does have a platform to raise the ball of the foot a bit, but with that monster sized, stiletto-like heel, I'm not sure I could even walk, let alone be comfortable doing so.

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