Friday, November 5, 2010

TGIF and More Bicycles for Sale

I am entirely grateful that it's Friday, and even more so that my painting class is over for the day. My word, I've certainly been mentally beat up enough this week, and next week isn't shaping up to be any better (though hopefully less mentally stressful). But, before that happens, I thought I'd take a moment to sit and type. Not much to say though, and I'm starting to feel as though all I write about is hocking my wares these days... but, 'tis true, there is yet another bicycle in the fold up for sale.
I posted the Raleigh Super Course (aka: Hooptie) bicycle this evening in hopes to rid some clutter from our lives. As much as I adore this bicycle, the reality is that it is too large for me, and it's really just occupying space in the garage that is unnecessary. Though I'll be sad to see him go, I know someone out there can put him to better use, and will likely fit the frame size much better.

I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend (even though I will be working on projects that I've, of course, procrastinated in completing), and it's going to be a beautiful mid-70s couple of days once again, so I fully intend to get out and ride, even if it isn't for long.

Here's to hoping that the time change on Sunday brings with it a much better and more efficient week.

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