Monday, November 8, 2010

Power of the Mind

Do you believe in the power of "willing" something to happen? I think I'm starting to buy into the idea that it's entirely possible. I suppose I've always felt a connection to the power of the universe, and in karmic happenings, but I'm amazed that there are some things in life that I seem to be able to make happen, simply through sheer will. Though it could be coincidental, I really think there is something more at work (and no, I'm not making any dough on sales of The Secret, nor am I attempting to get anyone involved in some strange cult).
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This example is going to sound silly, I am aware, but we (Sam and I) have been on a hunt for mid-century end tables for the living room for several weeks now. I keep looking in various places that I know carry this type of furniture, on Craigslist, and even randomly searching the web in hopes of spotting a pair of matching tables that aren't a) extremely overpriced, b) within reasonable pick-up range, and c) actually match each other.
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Every time I seem to find something I'm interested in, there is either only one available, they are not quite the right style, or they need a lot of restoration work (or a combination of the three). On Wednesday afternoon last week, I happened to be perusing CL, and came upon a pair of matching, mid-century end tables in a finish that almost perfectly matched another piece in our living room. I immediately emailed the individual and expressed my enthusiastic and immediate want of said end tables. Unfortunately, I was about 5 minutes behind another person who had just as intently insisted she would be purchasing these table. The woman selling the items stated that, should the other woman decide not to buy, I would be the next in line. So, I started mentally and verbally stating, "You are not going to buy the tables. They are not what you are looking for." I continued this periodically throughout the day, fully believing that the tables would be mine. Sure enough, at 6:30 p.m., I received a message that the would-be-buyer had opted for another avenue and didn't purchase the end tables. Muahahaha... my plan worked! Or had it?
One of the two "new" end tables (my sincere apologies for the blurriness)
While obtaining a pair of hard-to-find tables at a reasonable price might seem more like coincidence, situations such as the afore mentioned have occurred to/for me in the past. One very memorable incident was over a decade ago when I was in search of employment. I was in desperate need to find a job, but wasn't willing to take just anything yet. I happened upon an ad in the paper for a college looking to hire several positions. I went down to the administrative offices, and somehow just "knew" that one of the jobs was mine. I left the building fulling expecting to hear from them, and within a couple of hours, I had a job.

Situations very similar to these arise periodically throughout my life, but now I'm wondering if I can actually make these things happen, or if I'm somehow psychically able to just know what's going to happen. I'm currently testing out the theory for Sam, who is attempting to secure another employment position. Things are looking promising, so now I just need to visualize it all taking place, right? I suppose time will tell, but I am entirely curious to understand how this works.

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