Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Childish Tantrum

I am currently throwing an internal, entirely childish, full-on tantrum.... about the weather. Though I know that we never get much of the autumn season here (going from hot summer to cold winter almost over night), I never seem to get used to the jump.
Weather prediction for the next 5 days, via Weather Underground
I mean, com'on, snow? Really? It was 79 degrees at the end of last week, and yesterday the high was the mid-30s. Unacceptable! I suppose it was far worse last year as "winter" started the first week of October, when we got a nice long snow shower for a couple of days, but I don't do well mentally in the cloudy weather, and definitely don't like the snow. I feel like it's been cloudy for days (I know it hasn't really been, but it feels that way), and then we're expecting snow again tomorrow.... and apparently Sunday as well.

All is well though. I have a new headlight and tail light, as well as a new front rack for the Hillborne, and it's just begging to be used, so I sense a ride in the near future, regardless of the chilly weather. I did it last winter, and I can do it again. I think I've just forgotten how cold it gets. Luckily, my warm coats, mittens and scarfs are all ready to go!

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