Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Quick Ride

Columbus Day is one that few have off from work, but because Sam works for a bank, he is one of those fortunate few. Even I don't have the day off from school, but while I was home this afternoon, we decided to take a quick ride over for some tortilla soup and naked burrito lunchy-type food via bicycle. I love these days when it's not brutally hot or cold out, and we can just enjoy a quick ride somewhere.
Sam rides a bike... 
The last shot I attempted to get of Sam riding behind me was mistakenly deleted, but this one kind of cracked me up because I also got a nice shot of the top of my head. It's not often one gets to see such things, and while I could've just cropped it out, it made me laugh, so I kept it. Regardless, the ride was beautiful and reminded me why I love to be outside, especially during Colorado's 'two weeks of fall' as we have come to call it. Winter will, whether we want it or not, soon be here.

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