Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colorado Girls

Oh MY GOD!  I am dying. I think this is one of the best videos ever put up on YouTube.

While it's likely mostly amusing because I've lived this, it's just an awesome video that I can't help but share.  Get ready to turn up the volume and know that Colorado girls are fabulous (and yes, come from California - well, at least the smart ones do)!


  1. I do think you have to have lived it, otherwise the Casa Bonita and Shane Company references just don't make sense, but if you have it's awesome!!! Thanks for posting it.

    -Dad in CA, Mom in CO

  2. Ahh, you have the best of both worlds - one in each location.

    I, unfortunately, have this little ditty permanently engraved in my head after replaying it for others too many times. I still think it's awesome though! :)


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