Thursday, September 16, 2010

Belated B-day Brunch

It wasn't exactly 'brunch' per se, really more of an early lunch, but I had a whole "B" thing going, so I went with it. A friend of mine and I decided that rather than doing birthday gifts for each other, we would just figure out a time to do a lunch or dinner together, as that's really more important than any material things we can get. The problem has been working out a schedule to do so, but today the day finally arrived. Despite my desperate need to get work done, I decided to ride over to meet with Kelly for a little gab time before she started off on a mini vacation and I headed home to do all of the work that's been put off this week.
Pashley is ready to roll!
Even though Sam and I did a ride on the Hillborne/Surly bicycles this morning, the meeting up spot was so close that I just couldn't bring myself to drive, particularly because it's such a beautiful day. The Pashley waited patiently, while I thought about whether or not I was forgetting anything (apparently, I'm an angry thinker!).
Pondering, while holding up the Pashley
Once I realized that I was good to go, we were off and rolling for our quick ride to lunch, errr... brunch.
It's hard to take pictures of yourself while riding a bicycle, especially with a DSLR! I don't know how all these folks in web-land are so coordinated. I managed not to fall off the bicycle though, nor did I drop the camera, so all is right with the world.

I would just like to say how frustrating it is to go to meet up with someone and not have bike racks available. Though I believe it is a requirement for new builds in Longmont to actually install a certain number of racks, in Firestone (adjacent to Longmont) it is not a requirement, apparently, so I was forced to lock my girl up to a metal fence... so unbecoming of a lady!  After munching on lunch and chatting for a while, it was time to go, and we got so busy with talking I didn't get to take any pictures. {sigh} Well, life will move on, and the Pashley was happy to be released from her metal prison once again.
And, we're ready to go home
Happy Thursday to all, and a yummy and happy belated birthday to me! Now, seriously, I must get my work done.


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