Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh, for Heaven's Sake!

I think I am a complete nut! At the last minute, I have decided not to take the Behavioral Science classes/major that I thought I had decided upon during the summer. Despite classes starting tomorrow, I have once again returned to my fine art major. How did I come to this decision?

While I am driving those close to me insane, and perhaps realizing that there is no reason to switch to a major that will do absolutely nothing for me, I have made the decision to stick with what I started out doing. I've struggled with this decision all summer because, while I would rather stick with the art, I find the students in the program (as a whole) to be highly annoying and incredibly self-indulgent. I know that I don't have to drink the cool-aid, but it becomes difficult when you're a part of it every day. The bottom line though, is that I don't want to do anything else, and while I may not want to be an artist in the terms that they choose to define one, I believe there is still something still there for me to learn, and I need to get what I need out of this.

So, back I go to the art department. I'm actually feeling at ease about the decision though, and hopefully the semester will be a good one.  Here's to hoping!

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