Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life and Times of Sam and G.E.

Happy Anniversary! I always think about the first meeting and how I really didn't want to go at all. I was prepared for yet another loser, and I was instead pleasantly surprised to meet a kind, handsome human being. While it made for a less entertaining report at work the next day, I am so glad you weren't a psycho! You made it through all my craziness and have survived to date.

There were holiday's together in the very beginning... back when I went around blind because I didn't want to wear my "ugly" glasses.
And even before the holiday time there was your insistence on purchasing a house... and so began the 5-6 hour daily commute in a car together. It was a lot more lonely when I had to do it alone though!
We then took trips to Colorado to visit your dad and family... who would've thought at that point that we'd be living in the very same area in the very near future?
Then there was the wedding. Do we have any decent pictures from that day? I sometimes wonder if we shouldn't just redo the day and have a professional photographer come out and take some good shots. I loved the bubbles so much though!
We've had our vacations and trips together. The trip to San Francisco was so much fun! Even getting locked out of Don's car wasn't bad, because we always manage to keep ourselves entertained, no matter what.
Visiting Hearst Castle was a first for you (and the buzzillioneth time for me), but it's always fun to see how the rich live, right? Even sitting under a palm tree waiting to take the tour was nice... just taking it all in.
One of my favorite memories are the many trips to Vegas. One day, the "Gene Machine" will give us a decent looking child, and not one that looks like some strange alien being.
Of course, camping has been a fun adventure in the last couple of years as well. And you said you'd never camp after the army! I can't wait to do more camp/bike tours of the U.S. You do look like you're about to murder me in my sleep though.
The family photos are always a favorite time of year, and though this is my least favorite of the holiday time family pictures, I always remember the wet Levi snuggled up next to me and your struggle to hang on to Chablis as she desperately wanted to go and play. I also promise, never again will we wear pink... it didn't work for either of us!
I love every silly moment with you, and sometimes, even the simplest times are the most memorable. It doesn't have to be anything particularly special. Just being with you makes it fun.
Even at Halloween time you dressed up and went to work, knowing that no one else would likely be in costume, and of course, I made a fool of myself, but I'm used to that role (and I have to admit, it was fun to be a dirty pirate).

Thank you for the years of fun, joy, laughter, and some always unforgettable moments. I can't think of anyone I'd rather go through life with. You put up with all of my flighty madness, and still make me smile every day. Someday I'll actually be able to remember how many years we've been together, but I am so grateful that you know and can keep me on track. Happy Anniversary, my love.


  1. You know, i look back, and can't imagine spending the time with anyone else! I think the years ahead will be even better, but i cannot guarantee that i will become more photogenic : )



  2. Yes, because I will be winning the 'Miss Photogenic' contest any day now. :o) I think you look great anyway, and it's kind of fun to go back through the photos.

  3. Hey G.E., thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog always! And happy anniversary to you and your husband, this is such a sweet post. And I think the Gene Machine thing is hilarious! Wouldn't want to know what it would spit out for me.


  4. Thanks, S! We had so much fun with that darn Gene Machine, but it had some frightening results (thank goodness real genes don't work the way the photo morph does). :o)


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