Monday, July 26, 2010

Official Change of Major

Today, I went to visit with the Behavioral Sciences Coordinator at school, to determine if I was indeed on the right path. She was a wonderfully friendly woman and made the process quite easy (thankfully). She had me fill out a form, stating my intention to change majors, add the minor in fine art and off I went. I was literally on site with her for less than 20 minutes, which definitely made me happy.  I ran by the Art dept to hand off a form to them to make changes in their system, and it appears that I am now on my way, and amazingly, it also seems that I'll be able to finish at the same time or earlier than I would have as an Art major. Crazy! If I were able to cram in more classes to finish earlier I would, but unfortunately, it's one of those things in life that I just have to accept and get through. 

What will I do with this new major? I have no idea. I've realized over the course of my art studies though, that I don't need a college to help me with anything creative, and that in all reality, a person can create art on their own. Rather than continuing to torment myself with the ridiculous acts they choose to put the students through, I thought a nice broad range of study would suit me and my constantly changing focus much better. While I don't know what in the world this is going to lead me to, at least I won't leave after investing so much of my future earnings (otherwise known as student loans) without the, in my opinion, stupid piece of paper.  Unfortunately, the paper means something to some employers, and I suppose I just have to face that as a reality of life.

For now, I'm happy to have the change and remain hopeful that it won't be the death of me.

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