Friday, June 4, 2010

Today, it happened...

We got the Pashley. I am so overly excited, but I feel I must contain myself. I almost think it's some kind of jinx on the relationship with the bicycle if I get to ecstatic about it. While my immediate response is to want to go jump on it and ride it into town, the Brooks is still absorbing it's moisture, and, quite honestly, at the current 93F degree temperature, and little to no breeze, I'm not loving the idea of being out in it. Rest assured though, pictures will very soon follow, and I'm excited to go on a longer ride to see how she does. I think the first addition to the bicycle will be double baskets for the rear rack so as to be able to use this as a multi-functional bicycle and carry more than my purse and possibly a bag. I keep asking myself if it's wrong to spend so much on a bicycle, but I've justified it in that all of the other bicycles are gone (or will soon be - check this out if anyone is interested in a good commuter/mixte bicycle. The bidding ends in less than a day!), and I'm hoping this will help me not feel as guilty about neglecting certain bicycles in the bunch. I am still considering a second bicycle - some kind of 70-80s Schwinn, or possibly an old Raleigh, as more of a beater kind of bicycle, and as a project. We shall see. In the mean time, I intend to explore the new relationship with the Pashley and hopefully become great friends.

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