Sunday, October 25, 2009

New bicycle and past the half way point

So, I got a new bike (don't worry, Stuart is still here too) this last week because Stuart and I can't handle the longer rides together. As much fun as it is to ride him, the knees, rear and so on just don't cooperate. Wound up, after looking at several different brands, models, etc., with the Novara Transfer bicycle. I have to say, even though I've only been on one approximately 14 mile ride, it seems to do a decent job. I think my biggest complaint is that it doesn't have high enough gears because I feel as though I could be covering more ground at times. Overall though, extremely pleased with this one and I'm hoping that winter doesn't come for quite awhile so that I'm actually able to ride it more than once during the fall/winter. We'll see how that goes.

We're also past the half way point for the semester... thank goodness. I feel as though this semester has dragged longer than it should. Tomorrow I have the second of three exams in art history, a painting is due on Wednesday and a drawing is due on Friday, but it's all moving along. The latest drawing, here

was turned in last week - done with pastels (my first run with these). It's not my favorite drawing, but I like the idea of the puzzle pieces and think that it could have some kind of merit to it. I really want to see how the oil pastels go for the next project. Should be interesting. At least I think I'm starting - starting to feel a little more comfortable with the materials.

Anyway, let's just hope I make it through in one piece. :o) Here's to hoping for decent weather for bike riding soon too.

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  1. Congrats on the new bike! That's always so exciting, and the Novara is a good pick.


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