Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Big Bicycle

On occasion, we in our household find ourselves curious about a bike shop located outside a reasonably bike-able distance. Several years ago, we'd visited such a shop in a city to the north of us that stocks brands of bicycles not found in most area shops. When we popped by recently to see what was happening and what sort of new finds they would have, we were disappointed to learn that the store had completely shut down.

Looking for some sort of bike-hunting-satisfaction, we dropped by another spot that we knew would be open and were greeted by what can only be described as a very big bicycle.
I have to apologize for the low quality photos as I was not prepared to run into such a sighting on this trip and had only the camera phone to document.
Oddly enough, it was not the first thing to catch my eye (sometimes the obvious is the last thing I see). I made a comment while pointing at an old Schwinn delivery bike standing off to the side that it would be fantastically fun to own. Sam said it would be hard to get the seat into a good pedaling position, but I found myself squinting and made wriggling faces trying to figure out why. Then, suddenly the most obvious item in the shop "appeared" before my eyes. "Ah," I sighed, "You were referring to the giant metal bicycle!" Sam then looked confused, but we got it all worked out eventually.
As Sam wandered off, I was mesmerized by the giant bicycle. I couldn't help but circle around it and look at all the details of this steed. Several shop employees came by to see if I needed assistance, but I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of this beast. The detail in the design was absolutely alluring.
Viewing the metal bicycle with a backdrop of high-viz clothing and helmets seemed an inappropriate location for it; yet it was almost because of its surroundings that it fascinated me so. Seeing this creation of found bits that stood in their final refinement stage against goods generally mass produced was, if nothing else, an interesting juxtaposition.
The bike is quite large, with its tallest point reaching a height that stood beyond the top of my head. As its maker points out, it is appropriately sized for someone who stands at about 9ft/2.75m.

As I continued to admire the bicycle and read through the artist's statement, it was easy to see how much time and care had gone into this creation. I have had the opportunity to see a variety of metal art and even specifically bicycles, but never one that has illustrated such care in detail and for the final product. If I had the means to own this (and a place to display it), it would be difficult not to purchase it!

If you happen to have the capacity, the artist is taking best offers for this piece (and if you do end up owning it, can I please come by and visit it on occasion?). It is currently on display at Lee's Cyclery in Fort Collins, Colorado, if you happen to be nearby and are curious about this bicycle.

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