Friday, July 25, 2014

Pedal the Plains: Vote for Me, Please

Just a quick Friday post to ask for some assistance from all of you fabulous readers out in web land. I have entered into a contest for Pedal the Plains, a 3-day ride that takes place on the plains of Colorado. In order to get to the next stage of the competition, I have to get the most votes for my photograph. This is where you all come in to help me out.
*Image from Pedal the Plains
Voting is taking place on Facebook here. All you (and/or your friends/family/neighbors/enemies/etc) need to do is go to the page, look for the photo entitled "Steeling a Ride" and either "like" or comment on the photo. That's it. Easy peezy! You can also vote on Twitter or Instagram by using #steeling AND @pedaltheplains.

The contest is to find someone (referred to as a "Plain Pedaler") who will document the ride while on the journey with other participants. If you can take a few moments to vote, I would greatly appreciate it. Voting will take place until August 1. Thanks in advance for you vote... and Happy FRIDAY! Get out and enjoy the ride, my two-wheeled friends.


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