Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A quick poll

I am in the process of writing up (with the aid, of course, of the racer himself) some thoughts on the Silver Rush 50 race that Sam just competed in over the weekend. But, until I find a solid chunk of time to sit and filter through things a bit, I thought I'd put up a quick hello to all. I hope you're able to be outdoors, enjoying some great bike rides. There's quite a bit going on here bicycle-wise, but finding the time to put together meaningful thoughts on all the various happenings has been challenging over the last couple of weeks, but they will come in due time.

Until then, I am in the process of ordering a few stickers for myself and wondered if anyone would have interest in some E.V.L. stickers? Above are some examples of what they might look like. Feel free to take the poll and/or offer your thoughts in the comments.
Would you have interest in 1 (or more) Endless Velo Love stickers?
Absolutely! I'd pay to have one of these.
I'm interested, but only if you're giving them away.
I might have interest, depending on color/design choices.
I'd like to see them as part of a bigger giveaway.
I have no interest in stickers.
Other (please add thoughts in comments).
Poll Maker

The rain has been falling here today, but it's a nice break from the summer heat. I don't even mind a bike ride in the rain, although sometimes the clean up afterwards can be a bit of work. Happy mid-week riding! :O)

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