Friday, June 20, 2014

Bicycle Paintings

Happy Friday to all! Just a quick post today to let you all know that I have a new page on Endless Velo Love to share. I've debated for some time about the possibility of having an 'art for sale' page, but have gone back and forth so many times that it just hasn't happened. I also haven't wanted to use advertisements (for many reasons) here, but the largest of which is that I have a strange mind, and as soon as I believe something to be a job (which it becomes for me when advertisers are involved), it becomes less fun and interesting for me. That said, blogging takes a decent chunk of time (more than it should, really - but, it's totally worth it), even when it's only 1-2 times a week, and it takes time from my income-generating hours. It's just reality, whether I choose to admit it or not. I have tried to think of a sort of compromise between feeling like I'm selling myself out and being able to keep things going.

The compromise I've reached is that I'm going to go ahead with a page of art for sale. The compromise has two stipulations. First, I am only going to list bicycle-related art for sale on the Bicycle Paintings page and they will be kept small so that it doesn't interfere with my normally scheduled work. Secondly, this will be for a trial time period to see if there is even any interest (which there may very well not be). I have no idea how long the "trial" period will be before I make a decision about whether it stays or goes, but it's here for now and if you have interest in such things, please feel free to take a look every once in awhile to see if there's anything new.

Currently, there are just a few random, small paintings up on the page. They are all a little different from one another, so if there isn't something of interest at the moment, keep your eyes peeled for new works in the future. I probably won't post regular updates in blog posts, but I will post on Twitter when there are new pieces available, so if you don't follow me and have interest in updates, that would probably be the best place to get them (there's a link to my Twitter account over on the sidebar at the left).
So, that's it. Just wanted to share a little bit about the new page. I hope you're having a great Friday and have plans for a spectacular weekend! Happy riding.

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