Monday, April 29, 2013

Mail Delivery, by Bicycle

Today, as I was heading home from a quick stop to the grocery store, I spotted a postal worker delivering mail - by bicycle. It wasn't loaded up like this one for the British, but rather looked more like an every day mountain bike with a basket up front and a stack of mail. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a shot, but it started to get me thinking.
*Image found here (I believe it is a purchase-able item on Etsy, as well)
While I'm always a little more aware of people on bikes, simply because I frequently use that mode of transportation, I realized I have personally never witnessed a postal employee delivering mail on a bicycle in our city. Perhaps its a regular occurrence in larger cities (I honestly don't know), but I was curious to see if this is a coming trend, or perhaps a reaction to recent talks about limiting mail delivery days? After a search, I was unable to find out if this is now a regular delivery mode, if it's something being considered as a possibility for the future, or if it's been happening for some time and I just hadn't noticed it until today.

Last year, Longmont rolled out a bike share program for city employees to get around town, and again, though I've never personally had the opportunity to see it in use, I think it's a wonderful program (particularly for a fairly small community) that helps lighten the need for city employees to use cars during the work day - especially when traveling to a spot not far from city offices.

Are there any locals who have witnessed mail delivery by bicycle? I'm curious to know if this was a one time happening, or if this will become more regular. If you're not local, does your mail (at work or home) get delivered by a postal bicycle rider?


  1. If it was downtown where you saw this, that carrier has been on a bike for a few years. I see him occasionally riding deliveries on Coffman, west of the 300-700 block of Main. I agree, it's neat to see mail being delivered this way.

    1. It was downtown, Pete. That's awesome that it's a regular delivery style. I hope it spreads to more areas of the city! :O)

  2. I live in Longmont and funny that you mention it, I just saw a postal worker on a bike. It was around the little downtown area. I was so happy to see him because I also love using bikes are transportation, commuting, etc. Longmont is so easy to get around, great bike lanes and open streets, I am surprised I don't see many more. Especially on my street where the bike lane is very prominent and they drive from mail box to mail box.

    1. Isn't it great to see the postal workers riding? I really do hope this continues.

      Longmont is a great community for biking! :O)


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