Sunday, November 18, 2012

Changes Ahead

Early this morning, I awoke out of a dead sleep... thinking about the blog. There have been rumblings brewing lately of closing up and calling it done, but I've hesitated because I don't feel as though I'm ready to say "that's all folks." When I woke up suddenly before the sun had even an idea of coming up over the horizon, I had an idea and I think it's the best solution for me at this point in time.

As some who read here have discovered, over the last several months I've been "playing" with another blog. That one was intentionally separated from this one because it has focused primarily on my weight loss journey, getting stronger, and various aspects of things related to health and fitness. I wanted a separate space initially for many reasons. First, I didn't want to bother those who come here only to read about bicycles and various cycling related topics. Secondly, when it comes to that aspect of my life, I tend to be a bit more (okay, maybe far more) whiny and self-deprecating than when discussing bikes. Finally, in many respects, I simply didn't know how to combine two areas of my life without it seeming odd.
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In the wee hours of the morning, however, I came to the conclusion that both blogs are suffering. While some people are able to maintain many separate blogs and keep them all updated on a somewhat regular basis, I am apparently not one of those folks. Everything ends up suffering in the end, and I don't write anything anywhere for long stretches of time, or I only seem to focus on one or the other.

The solution in my mind is simply to combine the two blogs. Unfortunately, for some that means that there will be personally irrelevant topics posted here at times, but at this juncture, it is the only solution that makes sense to me.  The changes will be taking place as soon as possible over the next several days.

So, what will you find here now? I'll still be posting about bicycles and related adventures, but I also intend to have posts about my struggles and victories with fitness, losing weight, getting stronger and the like. I appreciate that some readers may part ways here, but my hope is that there will be overlap permitting readers to find something of interest here, and also allow me to focus once again on something that I enjoy doing - sharing the adventure of life.

If this is where we part ways, I just want to thank you for taking the time to check in and read here.  All of the topics posted in the past will remain in place for those who may find a tidbit of useful or helpful information. To those who arrive here from the other blog, welcome! I hope you'll continue to find information here to help you on your fitness journey. I look forward to what is coming and being able to continue to share with those who have interest.


  1. Congrats on your journal "rebirth" :) I too struggle with blog content and how to keep it separate (focused on one thing), but honestly most people have many loves and the focus now will take a back seat (or something else will inspire us to write) at another time. I think having a varied blog about YOU would be cool. BTW, I want your other blog address so I can stalk you over there too! ;o) In fairness I am dusting off my blog as you can stalk me too if you feel the need/want. :o)

    1. Thanks, Joey. It's not really been a struggle with finding things to write about, but I just seem to never focus enough to get it done. I'm hoping that by combining the two, it will help me focus a bit better and I can have more regularity with posts. Hoping being the key word.

      As for the other blog, I've actually merged all the posts from that one with this one, so they're all mixed in together now... so, it will probably seem a bit strange when scrolling through and suddenly finding posts that weren't there before.

      I'm looking forward to your updates... I still take a peek once in awhile and hope to see updates. :O)

  2. Ahh, that make sense...gotcha! I was wondering why a bunch of posts had shown up today. Duh! I should have known. :o)


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