Monday, July 30, 2012

Nora and One Left: Bicycle

Musical tastes are such a personal choice, so when I was contacted by Nora and One Left about their album, Bicycle, I wasn't entirely sure what I would think of the work, or what precisely I would share here with you all. Fair warning: I have been told that I have an extremely eclectic (some might say "weird") taste in music. I listen to just about anything and everything. From Frank Sinatra to 80s hair bands; Broadway Musicals to Metal; and John Mayer to Rap, there isn't much I find offensive. I suppose I am sharing this as fair warning that my thoughts on this particular album are coming from that sort of listening background.
*Image from Nora and One Left
While the album could be viewed as a way to make a buck off of the current "trend" of people riding bicycles (I have to admit, this thought did cross my mind), I actually found the music enjoyable. It's easy to listen to, non-offensive, and some of the tracks simply stick in your head (whether you'd like them to or not... and oh yes,  in a few months, all I will be singing is "all I want for Christmas is a big red bicycle" <-- Just a hint for Santa, as I hear he does read E.V.L.). I think the tag of "alternative pop" fits the entirety of the album pretty well, and I appreciate that listeners can preview the entire album before purchasing (always a good sign in my book to allow your potential customer to hear what they're buying first).

After listening to the entire album (It's actually a good album to get me motivated to clean for some reason), I have to say that "The World is a Wonderful Place" is one song that is now permanently trapped in the ole noggin. If you're hoping to have it stuck in your head too, you can play it below.

If that isn't enough for you, you can certainly check out the entire album and purchase through this link.  If you decide to give it a listen, I would recommend taking the time to hear the entire album before judging. While I found the first several songs to sound fairly similar, perhaps even a bit cutesy (for lack of a better word), I personally felt that it improved about half way through the mix of tracks, and I found myself enjoying it more and more. If you're in the market for some new music, I think it's worth checking it out for yourself, and of course, if you find a favorite, feel free to share in comments.

*For the record, I am not being paid to send readers to any links, though I am told I will be receiving a hard copy of the album in the mail. The opinions expressed here are purely my own and I was not asked to endorse the album in any way, shape or form, but rather to simply give it a listen.


  1. Very catchy music, i'm surprised it's not more popular? Great production quality also.

  2. Thanks for listening and posting G.E. You and your fans can Like us on Facebook here: - and our site:
    Thanks and see you "Down the Road"!
    Nora & One Left

  3. Btw - the great production was done by Riley McMahon at New Warsaw Studio in Brooklyn, NY -


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