Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1 - Third Check-In

I can't believe three months have already passed since the 5-month journey of bettering myself began. It seems as though it has gone extremely fast! Perhaps part of that is that the first month and a half of it I was still wrapped up in a lot, but regardless, as my mother used to say when trying to motivate me to do anything I wasn't sure I could do - the time will pass, regardless of what is accomplished. So true.
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My goal for July 1 was to have my jeans falling off of me, which was edited at the beginning of last month to say that I also wanted to attend at least 6 classes a week of kickboxing. Although I cannot say that my jeans are falling off of me at this point (they are loose, but they stay up on their own - Sam assures me that it "takes a lot" for them to actually fall off), I am happy to be getting stronger and feeling more physically capable than I ever have in the past... thanks, at least in part, to maintaining the 6 (or more) a week kickboxing classes. I had a couple of weeks during which I attended 7-8 times, so I am feeling rather accomplished at the moment.

The August 1 goal I had set for myself at the beginning of this was to complete a 50 mile bike ride. I realize it's not a horribly long distance for some cyclists, but as I stated initially, normally when I get above 35 miles my hands begin to ache so much that I have to stop. I have to say, I haven't been great about training for this "event" I'm supposed to complete in the next 4-ish weeks, but I think it's still doable, even if I have to take breaks along the way.  I am kind of hoping I can drag Sam along on a 50 mile ride since he is far better trained for it. Hopefully, he can give me that extra push to finish up what I have set out to do.

Overall, I think things are moving along fairly well, and I'm looking forward to the last couple months of this self-challenge. Any summer challenges out there that you've completed and would like to share?

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