Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back from Holiday

Our whirlwind vacation came to an end today. Our plans changed last minute and pretty much everything we intended was changed in some manner. Long story short, we didn't drive (both a blessing and a curse), but rather purchased last minute plane tickets (we actually paid less last minute than if we'd purchased them ahead of time, oddly). This meant leaving the pups at home (as well as the bicycles), and the trip was shortened by a week to be able to get back in time for our dog sitter to go on vacation. It also meant arriving in San Francisco at 1:30a.m., only to immediately hop in a rental to drive for about four hours. Ugh. By the time we arrived, the sun was preparing to pop over the horizon, and the craziness to see everyone began. The return trip wasn't much smoother, but we were happy to be able to spend a few days visiting with family and celebrating the 4th of July holiday, just as we hope you all were able to do.
*Image found here
A scene quite familiar to many socal residents... reminds me why I love bicycles, too.
A few hiccups along the way - delayed flights both ways, issues with the rental car, etc - but we are back home and happy to return to the normalcy of every day life. Exhaustion has taken over, so the rest of the day is all about catching up on some needed z's, but I can say this... I will be very happy to be back on a bicycle, rather than in the madness that is California traffic.

Happy weekend!


  1. Welcome back. Sometimes it's good to be home. Travelling on vacations is usually not relaxing to me. My favorite vacations are those where I stay at home and do whatever comes to mind each day.

    1. Thanks, LuckyChow... glad to be home again - and you're right, vacations at home can sometimes be the best.


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