Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That's Hot

The heat... the heat. It seems to be an ongoing theme at the present. Yesterday, temperatures got above 100 degrees F, which, if I'm honest, was like being in hell for me personally. Today, the forecasters suggest that temperatures will be pretty close to that mark again. When I see the national weather maps, it appears that most of the country is dealing with similar (or worse). I have to admit, getting out on the bicycle isn't the most exciting thought on these days. While I do ride, it tends to be either in the earlier hours of the day, or after the sun has set so that I don't have to contend with the blazing heat. However, that isn't always a possibility.
Early temps don't seem quite so bad, but it seems to get worse later in the day
Image from weather underground
I know that once I'm rolling, at least there is a breeze (even if it is a very warm one) and I will begin sweating, so it tends to keep me from burning alive -- but it's not always convenient to arrive sweaty to a location either.
Afternoon temperatures are getting worse... and why is it hotter here then in southeastern TX?
I do take some solace that many of us are suffering right along together, and also in knowing that generally these super hot days don't last for more than a week at a time (at least let's hope) for these parts. These are the days though when a rainy Seattle or Portland sounds fabulous! Do you think they'd mind if the rest of the country moved in for the summer? Hang in there all... hopefully we'll be through this sooner than later.


  1. Ugh. I hate the heat. I feel like this summer is worse because we didn't have a frigid winter first.

    I read this post , and have been carrying around a tiny Chinese fan. I find that it helps my face cool down a bit when I've reached my destination.

    1. Ack! I'm not good at putting links in comments. This is the post I was referring to: http://www.girlsandbicycles.ca/2010/04/high-street.html

    2. No worries, Liz. I think a small fan is a great idea. Plus, it's much daintier/prettier than watching me flap my hands over my face trying to cool myself off. :O)


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