Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bicycle Finds: Schwinn, Mercian, & Medici

In our travels and perusing of various spots, we often happen upon a variety of bicycles or parts for bicycles. Sometimes we snap them up for unknown future projects, other times we find ourselves questioning why we need such things sitting around. Often, however, we find something that could be interesting or useful for someone, but have no idea where it would fit into our stable of bikes, and beyond that don't have the space to store whatever the bike item might be. I thought it might be interesting to share some of these finds here, and who knows? Perhaps someone out there can take advantage of, or is need of a particular bicycle or part... thus, the "Bicycle Finds" may turn out to be a regular posting.

If you follow EVL on Twitter, you likely already saw a quick snap of a Schwinn Suburban that Sam spotted at the Lafayette Flea Market on his lunch break this week.
He said it looks to be in decent condition, though could probably use some cleaning. It has a $65 price tag on it, and the original tires hold air, so I'm guessing it will fly out the door pretty quickly.

This Mercian road bike was found on Craigslist this past week, and while the owner is unwilling to ship the bicycle, there must be someone close by who can appreciate its beauty, I'm guessing.
*Image from CL ad
Of course, I am drawn to the bright yellow (for anyone unaware, I have lusted after many a yellow bike - and this one is no different). If you check out the ad, you can see additional close up pictures. Once again, it seems to be in pretty good shape for a 60's bicycle. The owner is asking $695, and is located in Englewood, CO.

When happening upon this Medici Strada Pro, I initially thought its base color seemed similar to a color I'm considering for my Sam Hillborne. The saddle and bar tape look to be in need of cleaning or replacement, but it also appears to be an 80s bicycles that could clean up nicely.
Image from CL ad
The owner is currently asking $425 for the bike, and does not state whether or not he is willing to ship the bicycle.

Have you found any bicycles in your searches that you just couldn't live without? Do you try to hunt people down who could use them if you can't? Feel free to share your thoughts.

*Disclaimer:  I have no first hand knowledge or association with any of these items, but just found them to be interesting finds for someone. If you aren't comfortable evaluating a bicycle yourself, please do take it in to a professional to have it checked before riding.

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