Friday, May 11, 2012

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right

{In my continuing theme of putting songs into everyone's heads}

I have recently found myself struggling with my love of the Hillborne - well, not my love of the bike itself, but the fact that I will choose him almost always over others. I have started to wonder 1) if I should have multiple bikes if I'm going to opt for him on most rides, and 2) if I have created this situation because I choose him most often when going for a ride (long or short).
About two weeks ago, I took the Surly out from the moth balls forming around him after storing him through the winter. Our first ride out together was only a few miles, but I just couldn't find comfort. I struggled through the initial ride, but couldn't grasp why I was so ill-at-ease while riding the Pacer when I had enjoyed him so much just a few months ago. What's changed? The conclusion I could come up with (as mentioned above) was that I have simply grown used to the set up on the Hillborne. I wish it were that simple for me to justify to myself, but it bothers me to some extent that I am so particular about bikes, and that I've had such a level of comfort change in a relatively short amount of time.
A few months ago, we removed the fenders, rear rack and large saddle bag from the Hillborne which lightened the load more than 10 lbs. I am aware that the majority of that weight came in the form of all of the random things I put in the larger-than-necessary saddle bag on the rear of the bike, but I was amazed at how much lighter it felt. After these changes, the weight difference between the Hillborne and the Pacer was negligible, and I found myself able to keep the same speeds on either bike. Sam and I began discussing the possibility of selling off the Pacer because I really don't want to have bikes that I'm not using.
The middle ground that we have reached is that Sam has decided to pick and choose parts to exchange on his Bianchi that were more worn out, and we are talking with a friend who is looking to build up a road bike... and so, it appears as though the Pacer may be on his way out of the house, at least in part. When I end up selling off a bike I haven't had for very long, I cannot help but feel a little sad, and a bit guilty - but of course, I don't feel great about housing bikes that aren't used either, so it always poses a dilemma for me. Do I keep it and hope that I'll find a renewed interest/comfort/etc, or do I simply set it free? I will say that having the Pacer helped me realize what I needed/wanted in a bicycle. It has helped me hone in on what makes riding enjoyable for me, and also helped me see that an increase in choices doesn't necessarily make riding better, more exciting, or speedier (necessarily). Will the Hillborne be the only bike? Unlikely. But, it is great to know that the right fit can be found, even for a persnickety individual like myself.

Have you found yourself confused about changing opinions about a particular bike you've owned (either for the good or bad)? Did/do you typically try to make changes to a bike you own, or look for a better fit on a different bike when things don't seem to be working out?


  1. Man, do I ever wish I lived closer (and had disposable income). I'd take that Pacer off your hands in a minute!

    1. :O) I wish you lived closer just so we could ride together... I think we'd have a blast!


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