Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday!

My free time away from the schedule of classes is quickly coming to an end. I can't believe how fast four weeks can fly by! I suppose it is what happens when there is much to be done in just a few weeks though. Today, I ventured out for a short trip to find socks. Sam and I were in a local shoe store over the weekend and noticed that they had wool socks on sale, so I decided  to go back by today, after a quick stop at the post office to drop off the last of the giveaway items.
I was indeed riding on the sidewalk, but this is one of the few streets that I find it more
dangerous to be on the street than on the sidewalk with pedestrians.
Fear not though - I ride slower than most walk on these sidewalks.
I locked up the Hillborne, taking all my personal items with me (the wallet, keys, phone, etc), and went bopping down the street.
I'm still attempting to figure out why the engineers/organizers/etc put all the bike racks together within a one block radius, instead of spreading them throughout the 4-5 blocks of shops in this part of the city. I opted to lock to a tree rather than going down a couple of blocks to a bike rack. It worked out fine regardless. I was able to find some socks for a great price and then spotted a newer store across the street (which I discovered has actually been there since June).
Though difficult to see in this photo, the store is full of paintings, sculpture, jewelry
and other interesting art pieces and gifty kinds of items
What I failed to mention is that in between my trip to the shoe store and my short walk across the street, I passed back by the Hillborne and discovered that I am apparently completely forgetful these days as I had left the camera attached to the front of the bike. Fortunately, no one took the camera (particularly since I had borrowed Sam's camera) and I was able to remove it before continuing on. I guess we really do live in a lower-crime area... though I don't want to take chances with this because I know things do get stolen.
I'm so paranoid about leaving my bikes, even locked - though I really don't have reason to be this way
After my short shopping trip, I headed home, passing a few bicyclists along the way. Do you find people are friendlier when you're on your bike in the winter months? I keep wondering if this is just in my head, but I swear more people - both in cars and on bikes - smile and give me more distance (even when there isn't snow on the ground).
Where has your Friday taken you? Hopefully, you've found some bike time and are preparing for an enjoyable weekend. Enjoy - wherever life takes you!


  1. I had the afternoon off, so I rode the beach bike path from work, stopped at the shoe repair store and came home.

    On my home phone was a message from friends who just bought new bikes. They, too, have the afternoon off. I am now going to bike to their house (5 miles) and then bike them back to my house. They are returning to bike riding after a 20 year layoff. They want to see how it is possible to travel the city by bike. You see, they still have a 'car'mentality when it comes to getting around by bike.

    I'm excited that they are considering biking for transportation!

  2. Maggie - How fun! I hope it was an enjoyable ride for all. Sounds like a great afternoon to me, certainly... and even better that you're bringing more cyclists out with you. :O)

  3. My Friday only took me to work and back, but I did manage to have time to take the long way both trips! Gots to go to work again in the Ay Em, but then I get to take my sparkly clean bottom bracket to my LBS to show off. ( It was disgusting when we pulled it out. Looks like new now!)

    I think folks around here are friendlier in general. You kinda have to be. Everybody knows everybody. But there is still the occasional jerk. Definitely fewer jerks in the winter. They can't be bothered to put their windows down, so I suppose the jerkiness stays contained in the vehicle. :)

  4. Amy... it's funny that you bring up the "windows up so they don't bother us" comment. After I posted this, I passed a car that actually took the effort to roll down their window to scream at me. I wasn't in their way, or doing anything wrong/out of the ordinary, but some people, no matter the season, just feel the need to be rude.

    It's always nice to be able to clean up the bike. My Hillborne is in desperate need of a cleaning, so I am envious of your sparkling bottom bracket. :O)

  5. Flagstaff is fairly bike friendly, although cyclist must compete for road space with people who driver monsterouly large trucks and SUVs and would never consider transport in anything smaller. It is a funny thing about Flagstaff; it seems to be divided between those who have a strong commitment to conservation/sustainable living and those who believe the old man in the sky created natural resources for his children to waste and destroy without regard to future generations....That was harsh, wasn't it?

    Oh, well. I think people are friendly to me on my bike because I seem approachable on my bike. I often find myself smiling when I'm pedaling, no matter the weather, and I usually greet other with a word or wave, combined with a ding of the bike bell. I suppose if I was one of those people who raced around expecting others to get out of my way, I'd experience others a bit differently. Like G.E., though, I do occasionally pass people along the way who just seem to be looking for a reason to be unhappy and mean.


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