Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick Rides in Winter

Sometimes, it's fun just to go for a short ride - for a specific purpose, or for no reason at all. The colder months tend to be full of more of these shorter rides for us, but I find that the winter is probably my favorite time to ride because the cars seem to be kinder, there aren't a ton of bugs to bite me, and I like bundling up and feeling the cool air on my face while I pedal down the road.
It was a rough/long day... Sam usually doesn't look so distraught
I have to say though, only a former Californian, transplanted to Colorado would be wearing a thick jacket and shorts together in 30F (-1C) degree weather (at least, this is my assumption). I couldn't help but giggle on a quick bike ride we recently took on which Sam opted for summer weather apparel for the lower half, and winter apparel for the upper body.
Sam rides along, seemingly not cold at all
I think it's a good look, and really does remind me of my school days in California. I'd always leave the house bundled up in the cool morning temps, and soon find myself shedding clothing as it would heat up quickly (either because of the sun, or the heaters blasting in the classrooms).
Me and my shadow
Though you can't really tell from this photo, I am bundled head to toe, except that I forgot to put my gloves on and had to pull over to put them on. I'm certain those seeing us pedaling down the road together find it all a bit humorous... one of us is under clothed, and the other over bundled. I suppose we all just have to find the layering procedure that works for us individually. Do you have a specific layering technique for cooler temperatures or do you vary the routine depending on the more precise temperature?


  1. Look, my chest was cold, and my legs were hot...

  2. I love riding for no reason- it's a good way to explore the neighbourhood, and there's no need for speed!

    In winter I tend to step outside before I get dressed, then add another layer on top of what would be comfortable, as I find the wind always gets me on the bike. I can stand the cold, but I really don't like the wind so anything I can do to avoid it, I do! And I also pull over to add gloves or another layer, quite often on my way home from work when I'm hot to begin with from being inside!

  3. You know, I've got friends native to the southern Appalachians that go year round in flip flops. Even in the snow! But would bundle up their top half. I usually just over dress, then shed the layers. Works for me so far! :)

  4. You Americans don't know what Real Winter is… and most Europeans (except Scandinavians) don't know either. In fact I envy you both! (I was born in France and I never got used to Québec winters even after 23 years.)

    Since I started cycling again I find that the worst problem is not cold hands or feet (in –5°C to –10°C temperatures, say) but the wind constantly hitting the chest area. I tried various jackets and parkas supposedly tailored for cyclists but I still felt cold. My solution: I put my slim leather messenger bag inside my coat and voilà, I don't feel cold on my chest !

    (Your Sam looks really sympathize but a little shy?)

  5. The spelling checker corrected sympathique into "sympathize" but I guess you understood what I meant ! Sorry.

  6. Giles, I fully admit that I would never make it in a "real" winter anywhere. I complain when I have to wear shoes at all when it get's to be too cold. Of course, winter where we grew up was the same temperature as summer most of the time. We are very fortunate that even when it snows a lot, it generally melts pretty quickly.

    Sam's not really shy (quiet, but not shy), but I think he was irritated that I was taking his photo (and probably more so now because it ended up here). :O)

    Amy, I can't even imagine wearing flip flops in the snow! I mean, of all people, I would because I'd rather be barefoot most of the time, but it's just so cold.

    Zoe, I am with you on adding a layer to whatever I think I need. Last winter though, every time I was out I kept having to stop and shed layers to get comfortable again. Perhaps I will learn (at some point).

  7. G.E. said: […] I think he was irritated that I was taking his photo (and probably more so now because it ended up here).


    We're going to our country house for Christmas so I take the opportunity to wish you and Sam and your readers a Happy Christmas. (I'll be back to read you on January 5.)


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