Friday, September 9, 2011

Haulin' on a Civia - Happy Friday!

I was wandering about town the other day looking to find pigeons so that I could snap some photos (it's a long story), when this image appeared before my eyes.
If it's difficult for you to make out exactly what we're looking at, here's a closer shot of the lovely sight...
This woman was making her way down the road, and carrying quite a bit of stuff with her. While I would've loved to have known what exactly she was hauling around with her, she looked as though she was quite focused on keeping all of it balanced and on top of the front of her bike, so I didn't stop her to ask. It appeared to be a variety of items for a meeting or a demonstration, but it was a great sight to see someone using a bike to carry stuff around.
Here's to hoping that you are given only loads you can handle on your bike! Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!!

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